Our clan has different services. These services are not free. So if you'd like to donate to support our clan, then do so via Paypal or bank transfer.


What are we doing with you money?

With money you pay for:
• Game Server
• Teamspeak Server
• Website
• Admin program

The money left over every month is invested in the expansion of servers.


What do you get back?

• In-Game Rights to our server
• Gold member status




• € 10.00 = 2 month -VIP in Game Rights
• € 20.00 = 4 month -VIP in Game Rights
• € 30.00 = 8 month -VIP in Game Rights
• € 50.00 = 12 month -VIP in Game Rights

Amounts below € 10.00, can not provide In-Game Rights.




IBAN: NL34INGB0656083352
Country: The Netherlands
Residence: Zeewolde
Rekeninghouder: HGR van der Poel
Memo: Your real name, and in-game name